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Dive into learning, grow with a supportive community, and unlock doors to leading HR roles. Your dream career is closer than you think.

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Step into the circle of 12K+ EDHR alumni, where every member is a testament to what the right guidance can achieve.


100% of our graduates secure dynamic roles in corporate HR, setting new standards of success.

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No matter where you stand on your HR journey, EDHR has a path that’s clear and tailored just for you. Discover how easy stepping into your next HR milestone can be.

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Dive into the world of HR with confidence. Our foundational courses are designed to turn beginners into pros, making your entry into the corporate world smooth and impactful.

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Take your HR career to new heights. Our advanced programs and expert mentorship equip you with the skills and insights needed for significant career growth.

Transform HR in Your Company?

Revolutionize your company’s HR with our streamlined solutions. From outsourcing to strategic development, transform your businesses HR operations into a cost effective powerhouse

HR simplified guide to automation and technology

Empower yourself with expert resources and personalized support for unparalleled career development.”

Hands on software training | 40 Hours of Learning | Certificate

Tasks in this Program

Unlock Your Potential: Explore the tasks offered in this program to enhance your skills and advance your career.

HR Mastery: No More Guesswork

Direct access to the skills and certifications you need for a thriving career in HR. Start leading, not following.

Grow Your HR Career with EDHR

Focused training designed for HR professionals eager to deepen their expertise and grow in their career.

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Our mentors have led HR initiatives at the world’s most respected firms.Benefit from their seasoned
perspectives to scale your HR career.

Where Can EDHR Take You? Your HR Future . Post-EDHR

Think HR’s just paperwork? Think again. Dive into roles you never knew existed and redefine the HR Career.

Too good to be true? Hear from REAL Students.

Discover firsthand accounts from students who have experienced the benefits of our programs.

Transitioning from academia to the corporate HR world felt seamless thanks to Cipherbizz EDHR. The program’s practical training directly landed me a role at a top tech firm. It’s a must for grads aiming for a swift career start.

Revathi Ravindranathan Nair

Recent HR Graduate

Cipherbizz EDHR was a revelation, especially in HR automation. It prepped me for future roles and offered mentorship that aligned perfectly with my career aspirations. Essential for HR pros looking to excel

Raghda Elshazly

HR Assistant

Coming into HR from a different field seemed overwhelming until I found Cipherbizz EDHR. Its thorough curriculum and personalized coaching not only got me my first HR job but also equipped me to face any challenge confidently. Ideal for career changers.

Rohit Anilkumar

Finance Student

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