The HR Wake-Up Call

Transform your academic theories into corporate HR skills that matter.

Understanding Your Challenges

Stepping into the HR world? You might find the transition from classroom theory to the pulsating beat of the modern workplace more challenging than expected. You’re not alone. Many face hurdles like:

Our Services and Offerings

Welcome to Cipherbizz EDHR, where every step of your learning journey opens doors to new possibilities. Our program is all about offering benefits that go beyond the classroom. Get ready to embrace advanced career opportunities and grow both professionally and personally.

Comprehensive Training Programs:

At EDHR, we’ve crafted our training programs to turn these challenges into stepping stones. Our curriculum is a blend of theory and extensive practical exercises, designed to prepare you for real-life HR scenarios you’ll face in the workplace.

Hands-On Experience with HRMS Software:

Get up-close with leading HR Management Software. Our hands-on training ensures you’re not just familiar but proficient with the technology driving today’s HR operations.

Mentorship and Career Guidance:

Navigate your path with guidance from those who’ve walked it before. Our mentorship program connects you with seasoned HR professionals, offering insights, advice, and the support you need to carve out your success story.

Free Virtual Internship:

Step into the practical world of HR with EDHR’s complimentary virtual internship. This experience places you in simulated HR roles, tackling real-world challenges and projects, all from the convenience of your location. It’s an unbeatable opportunity to refine your skills, boost your resume, and demonstrate your capability to potential employers.

Master HR Automation, Latest HR Tools & Technology:

Future-proof your career with our deep dive into HR automation and the latest technological tools. EDHR’s curriculum equips you with the expertise to navigate and lead the digital transformation in HR, mastering essential software and analytics tools that define modern HR practices.

Experience Certificate & Recommendation Letters:

Emerge from EDHR not just with knowledge but with proof of your newly acquired skills. Our programs grant you experience letters and, for outstanding achievers, recommendation letters from HR leaders. These documents serve as powerful endorsements of your practical skills and readiness for the HR industry, enhancing your professional portfolio.

Learning benefits:

Career Opportunities

Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors are not just experienced; they’re passionate about sharing their knowledge and insights. Get to know them and see how they can help guide your HR journey.

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Why Choose EdHR?

Choose EDHR for an education that does more than just teach — it transforms. With us, you gain not just knowledge, but skills, confidence, and a network to propel you into your HR career.

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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Dive into our FAQs to learn more about how our services can meet your HR challenges head-on.

Can I get a good HR job anywhere in the world with your courses?

Yes, our courses teach you the skills that businesses everywhere are looking for. You'll be ready to work in any country.

Yes! Our courses start from the basics and guide you all the way to expert topics. We’re great for beginners and those looking to switch careers.

Everything from hire to retire, and everything what companies are looking for, We cover it all.

You’ll work on projects that mimic real HR challenges, and our virtual internships will give you a taste of what HR pros do every day.

Yes, you can focus on areas like hiring, training, or managing employees. We help you become an expert in what interests you most.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Dive into our FAQs to learn more about how our services can meet your HR challenges head-on.